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Welcome to Charm City Thrillers. Free. That’s the theme here.  Read the latest unknown Baltimore thriller author’s creation CHARM CITY KILLER at no cost. Simply go to READ CHARM CITY KILLER to download the novel. Why would I slave over writing a novel and editing it fifteen times just to give it away, you might ask? Because I’m not talented enough to have it published. That’s right. After twenty-five years of writing, nothing published, and screen writing credits so obscure they’d make you laugh… or cry; (They make me cry anyway.) I’ve decided to share my mediocrity with the world. Sorry world.

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Highly recommend!
Posted by Laura SOBO Book Club on 2017-05-22 01:09:46
Our book club read Charm City Killer and absolutely loved the novel. It was a well developed and suspenseful story with twists and turns that left us wanting more.

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